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Professional Coaches of Finland (SAVAL) is a services and lobbying organisation for professional coaches and sports directors working in coaching. Membership is open to coaches, directors, people serving in senior training and coaching occupations, and students in the field of coaching. SAVAL is open to employees, entrepreneurs and the self-employed.

SAVAL lobbies to enhance the prestige of coaches and to improve conditions for their work in society. The organisation was established in 2002 and now has 950 members, including national team and club coaches. 

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The standard SAVAL membership subscription covers the cost of an earnings-related unemployment benefit fund and individual member services in the event of employment problems. SAVAL also engages in vital collective bargaining and lobbying work on behalf of the profession.

The members of SAVAL benefit from guidance in matters of employment and from associated legal advice. This assistance can be costly to obtain elsewhere, for example when negotiating the terms and conditions of employment in Finland or abroad, or when there are problems with an employer.


The standard monthly membership subscription to SAVAL is EUR 28,50 in 2017. This includes the unemployment fund membership subscription fee. 

The monthly subscription fee is EUR 19,75 for the self-employed and EUR 4,50 for students. All subscriptions are tax-deductible. SAVAL informs the tax authorities directly of each member's individual payments.  The invoice will be sent to your home address once or four times per year according to your choice.

Your rights to unemployment benefit will not be affected on transferring your membership to SAVAL and its associated unemployment fund if you join within one month of resigning from your previous unemployment fund. You may also authorise SAVAL to arrange this transfer of membership. 

SAVAL is affiliated to Managers and Specialists in the Private Sector YTY, and is thereby associated with the Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland (Akava) and the Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff (YTN).


Professional Coaches of Finland (SAVAL)
Ratavartijankatu 2, FI-00520 Helsinki
Tel. (09) 2510 1370(09) 2510 1370+358 9 251 01370

Contact persons at SAVAL

Membership issues:
Pekka Potinkara, tel. (09)2510 1320(09) 2510 1375,
Legal matters: 
Heikki Kähkönen, tel. (09) 2510 1350, 8.30 -13.00),


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